Windows Server 2008 - Activation fails DNS name does not exist

I ran into an issue when trying to activate an Enterprise edition of Windows Server 2008.  I had installed the software from my MSDN account and when I tried to activate the software, I received a "DNS name does not exist" error.  To fix this problem, I had to re-enter the product key for the software.  After entering the product key (I just entered the key that was already entered from the install) I was then able to activate the software.

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  • This is actually because of the KMS activation software. The new version of Activation stuff requires KMS, which causes problems. I did a writeup at about it, and it would be great if you could take a look at it.
  • Cliff
    Thanks for the post, I had fun games with this error when nearing to my presentation for this VM and your tip solves.
  • Worked a treat for me.
  • This works 100% when trying to activate server2008
  • Same issue, MSDN key not activating properly.  Top tip, re-entering product key, worked perfectly.

    Many thanks.

  • indeed it works well!

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