Feed.Us Content Management for the rest of us

Feed.us provides an innovative solution to a common need; Content Management for your web site.  Often when you have a web site you have a need to modify the content of your site on a regular basis.  In the past this was accomplished with rather involved approches that require a fair amount of setup and custom development.

Feed.us provides content management in the "cloud".  To start using this service all you need to do is add a small snippet of text to your site and then you use the Feed.us site to manage your content.  For example, if you have a home page that you want to schedule content updates, you can easily go to the Feed.us site, enter the content you want to appear on your site, schedule it, and then have it appear.  You also have total control over adding images, videos, and styling the content to appear as you like.

They are currently updating their site and offerings, including being able to email content as well as post content to your site using Google Docs and Microsoft Word.  This means you can create content in an editor you are familiar with and with a couple of clicks, publish the content to your site.

One of the best parts of Feed.us is that it allows you to focus on your business...you do not need to spend time learning a particular technology or tool, Feed.us abstracts away those complexities freeing you to concentrate on improving your business.

Check out their site and how it works