I have been considering using Rockford Lhotka's CSLA framework for an upcoming ASP.NET project.  I was curious if many people are using this framework and what their experiences have been?


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  • Hi Cliff,

    I have been using clsa for about 5 years now and would say that for windows forms its a slam dunk. For asp.net it is not as clear cut and it may be overkill.

    The positives:
    well structured classes
    scalability/flexiblity with data access
    centralized authorization in each object
    centralized biz rules in each object
    lots of code gen available
    strong user community plus good support from Rocky.

    the only negative that I have is that it evolves quickly and deciding to upgrade to the newer versions is fairly traumatic. Rocky tries to limit breaking changes but inevitably there are some and on sizable projects it can be a bear to update.

    I would be glad to share further info if you have specific questions.

  • Sorry Cliff - when I was looking in google reader it has inaccurately put yesterdays date on all your blog entries. Obviously you are using CSLA and my post was a little bit late Smile

  • Dean, No problem, I appreciate the feedback.  I have been using it for a couple of web based apps, and I share in your observations.  One nice plus for the web is it allows for clean separation between presentation and business logic and makes TDD and automated unit testing much more manageable for the web.

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